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WFM and Impacts on EX Authored by: Juanita Coley Guest Interview: Matt Armbruster Welcome back to another episode of Tipsy Thursdays where we talk everything about WFM, EX and CX!. In this episode, we will dive into the world of Workforce Management (WFM) and its profound impact on Employee Experience (EX). Often misunderstood or underestimated, WFM plays a crucial […]

Verint TimeFlex Bot: Redefining Contact Center Agent Scheduling with AI

Verint® has unveiled a groundbreaking solution to revolutionize contact center operations.  The recent announcement at Enterprise Connect 2024 introduced the Verint TimeFlex Bot, a sophisticated AI-powered tool designed to redefine agent scheduling flexibility and elevate the employee experience to unprecedented heights.  Empowering Agents with Flexibility  At the heart of the Verint TimeFlex Bot lies a […]

What is EX (Employee Experience)? Authored by: Juanita Coley Hey there! Welcome back to another episode of Tipsy Thursdays. This week, we’re diving into a topic that’s been buzzing around lately: Employee Experience. I recently got asked about it, and then, just a couple of days later, I stumbled upon a post discussing it. So, let’s hop into it […]

RingCentral Revolutionizes Business Communications with AI-Powered RingEX

In a groundbreaking announcement at Enterprise Connect 2024, RingCentral, Inc. unveiled its latest innovation: RingEX, the rebranded flagship solution enriched with real-time AI capabilities under the name RingSense™ AI. This transformation marks a significant leap forward in the realm of business communications, positioning RingCentral as a pioneer in integrating AI across phone systems, messaging, meetings, […]

Working Happy at Zoom Speed!

As I reflect on Zoom Perspectives 2024 (Analyst event), the thought “Working Happy at Zoom Speed,” is what immediately comes to mind.” What does that even mean? It means working in a way that’s intuitive and with the resources you need when you need them! During the pandemic, Zoom became the go to solution for […]

What is Schedule Adherence? Authored by: Juanita Coley Guest Interview: Napoleon Muisa Hey there, WFM folks, and welcome back to another episode of Tipsy Thursdays where we talk everything about WFM, EX and CX! In this episode, we’re tackling a common confusion in the realm of scheduling: the difference between schedule adherence and conformance. While these terms may […]

Revolutionizing Customer Experience: NICE Enlighten XM Unveiled at Enterprise Connect 2024

At Enterprise Connect 2024, NICE revealed its groundbreaking CX AI solution, NICE Enlighten XM (Experience Memory), poised to redefine customer experience management. Leveraging cutting-edge Large Language Models (LLMs) with deep data memory, Enlighten XM promises to drive hyper-personalized customer journeys, marking a significant leap forward in CX technology.   Understanding Enlighten XM   NICE Enlighten XM represents […]

When Should a Company Start Considering WFM? Authored by: Juanita Coley Hey there, and welcome back to another episode of Tipsy Thursdays! I’m thrilled to have you join me as we dive into yet another essential topic for any business: Workforce Management, or WFM. This week, we’re going to talk about when a company should start considering WFM.  So, grab your […]

Microsoft Unveils New UC Features at Enterprise Connect 2024

The recently concluded Enterprise Connect 2024 event served as a platform for Microsoft to unveil its latest innovations in business communication and collaboration tools. As businesses increasingly prioritize efficient communication solutions, Microsoft is at the forefront, providing groundbreaking features to streamline operations and enhance productivity.   Microsoft Teams Phone and Unified Communications  A highlight of Microsoft’s […]

What is a KPI? Authored by: Juanita Coley Guest Interview: Chris Crosby Hey there, WFM folks! Welcome back to another episode of Tipsy Thursdays, where we talk about of all things WFM, EX and CX with a dash of insight and strategy. Today, we’re uncorking the bottle on a topic that’s essential for anyone steering the ship of […]

Five9 Launches GenAI Studio: Revolutionizing the Contact Center with Customizable Generative AI

In a groundbreaking move unveiled at Enterprise Connect 2024, Five9, renowned provider of the Intelligent CX Platform, has announced the launch of their newest offering: GenAI Studio. This innovative solution marks a significant leap forward in the realm of contact center technology, offering unprecedented levels of customization, control, and responsible AI integration. Addressing the Need […]