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WFM Fractional Services

To deliver standout customer and employee experiences, modern call centers need top-notch workforce management (WFM). 

This means high-level performance in three key areas: Forecasting, Scheduling, and Real-Time Management
Each requires a unique skill set, so an expert in one may not excel in others. Finding, training, and retaining specialized WFM talent can be costly and time-consuming, considering the performance impacts and learning curves analysts often encounter.

Improving Operations- Staff Augmentation

Harness SRC’s WFM Managed Services for cost-effective, immediate resourcing or staff augmentation. We cover all job functions, guaranteed to meet your performance metrics expectations. Trust us to be your go-to WFM provider, bringing value without the burden of maintaining internal resources.

Our WFM Managed Service Offerings: 


Do you need help quantifying how many people your organization needs for your existing or desired workload?

Are your workload forecasts always off? 

Our forecasting professionals are industry experts with years of Forecasting experience, who can handle any, and all of your Forecasting needs.


  • Data Analysis
  • Short Term Forecasting
  • Long Term Forecasting


All Scheduling methodologies aren’t created equal. Our Scheduling professionals have experience with organizations with various channel types, hours of operations, industries and sizes.

Here are SRC we identify the needs for various scheduling models such as split shifts, stair step shifts, flex shifts, etc. We also have extensive experience and knowledge of shift bidding processes.


  • Schedule Cost Analysis
  • Staff Augmentation/
  • Scheduling Analyst


Is your business able to respond to your customers REAL TIME? If so, how does this impact your employees and the tasks they are required to do daily. This is known as Intraday Management. Your intraday management plan should be proactive, not reactive.

Our highly experienced Intraday Management professionals know all the industry best practices and are ready to make them work for your company in a proactive way. We can even help you to update your Intraday playbooks with new and better strategies to help you stay within your target KPIs.


  • Real-Time Adherence Updates
  • Intraday Schedule Optimization
  • Reporting

Trusted by industry-leading brands

Solid Rock Consulting has a proven track record of driving success. See the logos of some of our esteemed customers, who have chosen us as their trusted partner in achieving workforce management excellence.

Happy Clients

Twyla White

(Sacramento Municipal Utility District)

“she was able to guide us to solutions we were not sure would even exist and advised us on how to best utilize this new system.”

Mark Lee

(Intraday Analyst Eastlink)

“Juanita has an innovative mind and is quick to assess a more efficient manner for completing tasks. She’s dedicated to efficiency. ”

Andy Dignan

(Sr. Vice President of Global Channel And Services Five9)

“We are proud to partner with Solid Rock Consulting to help businesses reimagine CX in this new era of contact center transformation. ”

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