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WFM Essentials is a 40-hour self-paced program designed to support individuals interested in entering or transitioning to a Workforce Management role, as well as WFM leaders seeking to train their team on the fundamentals of WFM.


of executives identified workforce management as a top-three concern for their organization.


Workforce management software can reduce labor costs by up to 6%, while also increasing productivity by up to 20%.


The Workforce Management market is predicted to grow by 11% in the next 5 years.

Are you ready to start your WFM career or develop your Workforce Management teams knowledge?

Our WFM training has been carefully curated to address the needs of companies that are rapidly changing to adopt new technologies and struggling to keep up with an underdeveloped talent pool for this very niche skillset.

Whether you are an…

Individual Seeking to Start Your Career in WFM

Develop a strong Workforce Management (WFM) foundation and gain the skills and knowledge needed to transition into a WFM role.

You’ll learn how to identify various WFM job functions and which one is a good fit you’re your career growth, how to perform various WFM tasks to do the job, gain a deeper understanding of the WFM lifecycle, and so much more.

Manager or Executive Seeking to Enhance Your Team’s WFM Skills

With our WFM Essentials eCourse, your team will gain the knowledge and skills needed to establish & transform your team’s WFM practices, boosting productivity and driving business results. Imagine the satisfaction of seeing your team excel with a well-defined WFM strategy. Imagine being the leader responsible for seeing an increase in business productivity and positive results. Enrolling your team in our WFM Essentials eCourse will enable you to achieve these outcomes and more.

What Is Your Goal?

Start Your Workforce Management Career

Be equipped with a comprehensive understanding of WFM roles, the lifecycle, and best practices, enhancing your skills and knowledge in the WFM discipline.

Accelerate Your Team’s WFM Performance

Imagine the satisfaction of seeing your team excel with a well-defined WFM strategy. Significantly boost your team’s productivity and efficiency, increasing output and profitability.

Increase in Productivity and Achieve Business Results

WFM Essentials 40-hour eCourse will enable you to achieve profitable outcomes, and more. You’ll save time and resources by avoiding the trial and error that comes with trying to figure out WFM practices on your own.

Juanita Coley,

CEO of Solid Rock Consulting and creator of WFM Essentials eCourse, has always been driven to succeed, despite facing adversity as a young mother.

Through a user manual called “Blue Pumpkin.” sitting in a cubicle answering phones as a teen mom, Juanita discovered her passion for workforce management. Intrigued by the discipline, she began to dive into learning everything she could about workforce management, which would later prove to change the trajectory of her life and career. Juanita, now known as the “Contact Center Whisperer” for the work she and her team of consultants have done around the world in Contact Centers & Workforce Management, is an enthusiast, trainer, speaker, and facilitator with over 15 years of industry experience.

Our WFM consulting services help mitigate the following common challenges faced by call centers:

  • Difficulty in forecasting and managing call volume, resulting in long wait times for customers and high abandon rates.
  • Difficulty in staffing to meet fluctuating demand, resulting in understaffing or overstaffing and affecting customer service levels.
  • Inability to measure and improve performance, resulting in poor customer experience and low agent satisfaction.
  • Difficulty in managing and motivating remote agents, resulting in high turnover and low productivity.
  • Difficulty in compliance with labor laws, resulting in legal and financial risks.
  • Inability to integrate with other systems, resulting in siloed data and inefficiency.

By addressing these challenges, we help call centers improve customer service levels, reduce operational costs, and increase agent satisfaction.

We at Solid Rock Consulting transform our clients’ organizations through stellar WFM training and call center development to achieve peak efficiency through people, processes, and systems.

WFM Essentials eCourse is the strong foundation YOU NEED to succeed in Workforce Management.