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We are the people brands call when they want to deliver exceptional customer and employee experiences.

Here at Solid Rock Consulting, we’re not just WFM experts – we ARE The WFM People (™). Consider us your partners in propelling operational excellence, while simultaneously boosting CX (Customer Experience), EX (Employee Experience), and overall business growth.


Verint Expert Training

Our Verint Training and Configuration professional services are UNMATCHED! We don’t simply show you how to “press buttons” we ensure you understand the discipline so that you fully adopt the Verint Solution and gain maximum ROI. To learn more about our Verint professional services.

Workforce Management
(WFM) Support

Workforce Management (WFM) can be a complex journey for organizations and the individuals tasked with delivering results. It’s a journey we are experts at helping our customers navigate. Whether you are a newbie or expert we have WFM support services that range from self paced e-courses to long term consulting support to meet you right where you are on your journey.


Did you know on average it takes an organization 18+ months to buy a piece of technology? AND of the ones that do over 70% of them experience dissatisfaction with the process? This is generally because their buying teams (if they have one) are on different pages. We take the hassle and confusion out of the buying process. We help you navigate through the buying process so you end up safe and secure at your destination without regret.

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Solid Rock Consulting has a proven track record of driving success. See the logos of some of our esteemed customers, who have chosen us as their trusted partner in achieving workforce management excellence.

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