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The WFM Accelerator
Signature Program

Introducing The WFM Accelerator Program!
The WFM Accelerator Program is a specialized program designed to help organizations optimize their workforce management practices and achieve better business outcomes. It focuses on accelerating the implementation of best practices in workforce management, including areas such as scheduling and staffing optimization, employee engagement and performance improvement, and enhancing the overall customer experience.

What is the WFM Accelerator Signature Program?

WFM Accelerator Signature Program is designed to help organizations improve their workforce management practices and achieve better business outcomes by optimizing their staffing and scheduling processes, improving employee engagement and performance, and enhancing the customer experience. Our comprehensive approach focuses on optimizing every aspect of your contact center to enhance efficiency, boost performance, and deliver better customer experiences.

The program is customized to meet the specific needs of each organization. This program typically involves a combination of assessments, workshops, coaching sessions, and ongoing support to help organizations achieve their workforce management goals.

WFM Strategic Consulting and Advisory Service in one simple package!

The WFM Accelerator Signature Program is a specific packaged consulting program offered by Solid Rock Consulting that focuses on helping organizations improve their workforce management practices to drive better EX and CX outcomes.

Our signature program includes the following key elements:

Center of excellence methodology assessment

Solid Rock Consultants conduct in-depth operational interviews to understand your organization holistically. Assessments cover various departments, including Marketing, IT, Human Resources, Training, Back Office Operations, and Contact Center Leadership.

Data Discovery/Gathering

Our team works to identify, collect, and normalize contact center data, ensuring it provides a strong foundation for data-driven decision-making.

Forecasting Training & Tools

We assess your current forecasting practices and align them with industry best practices and your organization’s growth goals. Deliverables include a 12-month forecasting plan and a 3-month interval forecast.

Our Consultants have saved over $2.5 million with ONE client!

By implementing industry leading WFM techniques and providing training to our client’s WFM team, we were able to achieve a financial benefit of $2.5 million for the project.

With a combination of technical expertise and process knowledge, our team of experts assist in creating a productive, efficient and successful workforce. We evaluate existing systems and workflow, and recommend necessary modifications to improve them.

The WFM Accelerator Signature Program Consulting Engagement Models

The WFM Accelerator Signature Program Consulting Engagement Model is a phased approach that ensures successful implementation of the program. The engagement model consists of six phases, each designed to address specific aspects of workforce management and contact center optimization.

(Days 1-30)

Onboarding, Project Kick Off, Department Assessments.

During this phase, the Solid Rock Consulting team gets to know your organization, establishes the project’s scope, and conducts departmental assessments to better understand your current practices and identify areas for improvement.

(Days 31-60)

Data Discovery/Gathering, Forecasting Framework, Capacity Planning.

The focus of this phase is on collecting and analyzing data, establishing a forecasting framework, and generating a capacity plan to ensure you have the right number of staff available to handle customer interactions efficiently.

(Days 61-90)

Current Schedule Cost Analysis, Recommended Schedule Cost Analysis, Intraday Management Assessment.

This phase involves evaluating your current schedule model, providing a cost assessment, and identifying areas for improvement to optimize your contact center’s scheduling and staffing practices.

(Days 91-120)

Solution Assessment, Solution Procurement (if needed).

In this phase, the Solid Rock Consulting team assesses your contact center’s system landscape, recommends new tools and solutions to support your operations, and provides support for procurement and implementation.

(Days 121-150)

Project Wrap.

During this phase, the team wraps up the project, provides a final report, and conducts a knowledge transfer to ensure that your organization is equipped to continue to optimize your contact center operations effectively.

(Days 151-365)

Program Maintenance, WFM Team Support/Mentorship (Up to 8 hours a month).

This final phase is focused on ongoing support, mentorship, and program maintenance to ensure that your organization continues to realize the benefits of the WFM Accelerator Signature Program long after the engagement is complete.

Who Should Invest in the WFM Accelerator Signature Program?

The WFM Accelerator Signature Program is ideally suited for:

Small to large businesses

Organizations with complex contact center operations

Businesses aiming to optimize resource allocation

Decision-makers in contact center operations

Companies experiencing rapid growth or change

Companies seeking to improve customer experience

Contact centers implementing new technology

Why Solid Rock Consulting?

At Solid Rock Consulting (SRC), we pride ourselves on our extensive expertise in Workforce Management (WFM) and Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) solutions.

Our team of professionals combines industry knowledge and hands-on experience to help organizations optimize their contact center operations and deliver exceptional customer experiences.