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Elevate your customer service experience, bolster retention, and amplify business value with us.

Drawing from our proficiency in Customer Experience, Workforce Management, and Employee Engagement, we’ll optimize your operations and propel business expansion. Partner with us to reimagine customer service and hit your business goals.

Boost Efficiency, Productivity, and Profits with Us

Navigating call center challenges across departments can be daunting. Our holistic approach to workforce management consulting, backed by expert WFM consultants, identifies and tackles your unique hurdles. We aid you in streamlining operations, optimizing resources, and enhancing customer service, paving the way for revenue growth and business expansion.

With our consulting services, we combat common call center challenges like:

  • Unpredictable call volumes leading to customer wait times and high abandon rates.
  • Staffing woes due to fluctuating demand, affecting service levels.
  • Performance measurement and improvement issues causing poor customer experience.
  • Management and motivation of remote agents, resulting in high turnover.
  • Compliance with labor laws to avoid legal and financial risks.
  • System integration difficulties leading to isolated data and inefficiency.
  • Our solutions enhance customer service, cut operational costs, and boost agent satisfaction.
  • Your call center challenges are our call to action.

Happy Clients

Twyla White

(Sacramento Municipal Utility District)

“She was able to guide us to solutions we were not sure would even exist and advised us on how to best utilize this new system. ”

Mark Lee

(Intraday Analyst Eastlink)

“Juanita has an innovative mind and is quick to assess a more efficient manner for completing tasks. She’s dedicated to efficiency.”

Andy Dignan

(Sr. Vice President of Global Channel And Services Five9)

“We are proud to partner with Solid Rock Consulting to help businesses reimagine CX in this new era of contact center transformation. ”

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