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Welcome to Demos On Demand – Where Vendor Meet Gamification 

Hello, and welcome to the official website of the most exhilarating online software showcase on YouTube – Demos On Demand! 

Hosted by the ever-charismatic Juanita Coley, the brilliant CEO of Solid Rock Consulting, our show brings the riveting world of enterprise software into the spotlight. We turn complex software discussions into a thrilling and fun-packed journey. We’re about answering critical questions, providing expert demos, and we’re doing it all with a dash of game-show zest! 

Our Format – 12 Questions, 30 Minutes, One Unforgettable Show! 

Each episode is a whirlwind tour through a vendor’s product. We invite leading software vendors from around the globe to face the 12-question challenge. They’ll have just 30 minutes to showcase their products, answering our incisive questions, while giving a live demonstration. No scripts, no do-overs, just raw, on-the-spot software prowess! 

Meet Your Host – Juanita Coley 

Juanita Coley isn’t just the CEO of Solid Rock Consulting – she’s a dynamo of energy, a maestro of software knowledge, and the charismatic host of Demos On Demand. With her inimitable style and infectious enthusiasm, Juanita keeps the show entertaining while ensuring you gain valuable insights about the latest enterprise software. 

Why Watch Demos On Demand? 

  • Enrich your knowledge: We cover a wide array of enterprise software, from the most widely used to the up-and-coming disruptors. It’s a great way to keep up-to-date with the ever-evolving software market.
  • Make informed decisions: See software in action before you invest. Our demos provide a firsthand view of each product’s features and capabilities, empowering you to make better buying decisions.
  • Engage with software vendors: Have a burning question about a product? Get it answered directly by the software vendors. It’s your chance to interact with industry experts!
  • Entertainment-packed learning: Learning doesn’t have to be dull. Our game-show format brings fun to the learning process, so you’re entertained while expanding your software knowledge! 

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