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In a groundbreaking announcement at Enterprise Connect 2024, RingCentral, Inc. unveiled its latest innovation: RingEX, the rebranded flagship solution enriched with real-time AI capabilities under the name RingSense™ AI. This transformation marks a significant leap forward in the realm of business communications, positioning RingCentral as a pioneer in integrating AI across phone systems, messaging, meetings, and more. 

With the introduction of RingEX powered by RingSense AI, RingCentral aims to redefine the employee experience by delivering personalized, context-aware interactions. This infusion of AI promises to make every conversation smarter and every workday more efficient, catering to diverse organizational functions, from customer service to sales and marketing. 

“AI brings a shift from unifying communication modes and functionality to merging employee and customer experiences, and it’s exciting,” said Vlad Shmunis, Founder, Chairman, and CEO, RingCentral. “Building on our battle-tested, mission critical platform, we are delivering AI that is purpose-built for specific use cases to drive tangible
value – from enhancing everyday productivity to driving interaction efficiencies.
RingSense AI unlocks data-rich conversations across phone calls, messaging, video meetings, and contact center interactions to deliver actionable insights that inform more intelligent workflows.”

The core features of the newly enhanced RingEX include: 

  1. Real-Time Call Notes – Empowering phone conversations with AI-driven note-taking, capturing outstanding questions, and action items on the fly.
  2. Conversation Intelligence – Providing distilled summaries, notes, and action items generated by AI, enhancing personalization and context retention.
  3. Unread Message Recap – Offering AI-generated summaries of missed team messages in group chats for quick catch-up.
  4. AI Writer and Translator for Messages – Streamlining chat communication by crafting polished messages while accurately translating content across multiple languages.
  5. Generative AI Search – Leveraging AI to search for information across various communication channels, including phone, SMS, and voicemail.
  6. Advanced Meetings Summaries and Insights – Automatically generate video “highlight reels,” searchable text summaries, keyword-based clips, transcripts, summaries, topic lists, and replays by specific speakers, providing comprehensive insights into meetings.

This comprehensive suite of AI capabilities positions RingCentral as a frontrunner in harnessing the power of AI across message, video, and phone communications. By offering real-time insights, automated action items, and contextual understanding, RingSense AI revolutionizes the way businesses engage with their employees and customers.

While RingEX serves as the cornerstone of business communications, RingSense AI extends its collaborative intelligence across various solutions, including RingCX for contact centers, RingSense for Sales, and RingCentral Events. These purpose-built solutions cater to specific use cases, enriching both employee and customer experiences. 

Moreover, RingCentral underscores its commitment to privacy and security by design, ensuring that AI-driven solutions adhere to stringent privacy standards. By orchestrating proprietary and third-party AI models, RingCentral maintains transparency and offers customers the flexibility to customize solutions according to their business needs. 

RingCentral’s introduction of RingEX powered by RingSense AI marks a significant milestone in the evolution of business communications. By harnessing the transformative power of AI, RingCentral empowers organizations to enhance productivity, drive efficiency, and deliver exceptional experiences across every interaction. 

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