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“We are still a Workforce Management company; we just have a bigger workforce to manage,” my absolute favorite response came from Dan Bodner as he answered a question at the recent Verint Analyst Days 2024 event in Dallas. I’ve heard him address this question countless times since Verint embarked on the mission to be an open platform for the benefit of driving CX automation. However, this time it was different. This time not only was it clear, but as he spoke those words a different level of conviction came through and resonated with
a core part of who I am as That WFM Girl and Thee Contact Center Whisperer. 

Dan’s statement couldn’t have been any truer. For so long where CX (Customer Experience) is concerned, the workforce that we focused on was within the contact center alone. However, organizations now must focus on a more comprehensive workforce if they want true and sustainable CX results. A workforce that extends throughout the organization,
such as Backoffice, HR, marketing, sales, and workforce that may not even be human (AI Bots), etc. 

So, how do we manage this extensive workforce?  

And why is the timing of Verint’s message so appropriate?  

                                                 Dan Boder (CEO of Verint)

Well, to understand that you must understand the two key themes that stood out to me at the event and why: 

Opening and Breaking Silos Barriers 

First, we must be open to breaking down silos that create barriers. 

For Verint, being “open” means empowering businesses to use any CRM, CCaaS, Data Exchange, and LLM. This allows organizations to move at their own speed, prioritizing their operational needs, AND achieve business outcomes via CX automation without having to rip out their entire tech stack to do so.  

Both Jaime Meritt (Chief Product Officer) and David Singer (Global VP, GTM) tackled what Verint’s Open methodology centers around which is Flexibility and Future Proofing. 

                                                       Jaime Meritt (CPO)

                                           David Singer (Global VP of GTM)

Rob Scudiere (Chief Technology Officer) further explained how Verint Da Vinci AI (the core engine) powers this “Open” platform and Verint Engagement Data Hub fuels the
Human workforce and is
essentially the infrastructure for which the BOTs are built on. This design offers freedom of CHOICE to businesses.

                                                    Rob Scudiere (CTO)

Business Outcome Bots 

The next big theme was AI for Business Outcome, not Business Disruption. With almost 100 Bots in production today, Verint’s leadership team has their sight set on solving for
as many business challenges as they can. Business Outcome Bots are made possible because of the
access to data, the structuring of that data, and the AI actioning of the
said data.

Here are just a few business outcomes that Verint’s bot pairings got covered: 

  • Reducing unplanned absences paired with the TimeFlex Bot 
  • Increased agent capacity paired with the Interaction Wrap-up Bot 
  • Improving Supervisor productivity & workload paired with the Quality Bot 
  • Storytelling with the data (Data Decision Making) paired with the Data Insight Bot 

                                 Heather Richards (VP GTM Strategy) 

                                       Daniel Ziv (VP of AI and Analytics)

So, in summary, how do we manage this extensive workforce and why is Verint’s timing so important? 

  • We break down silos that create barriers. To be clear, I’m not suggesting we remove all silos. However, silos that create a barrier to producing outcomes must be removed.
    This is how we differentiate between an effective silo vs. a bottleneck.
  • Business leaders are being asked to keep up with rapid technology developments, bring AI into organizations, and protect their organizations from that same AI.
    Verint has made it easy for organizations to do that at their speed, get results and reduce the risk while doing so. 

In conclusion, Verint’s approach to CX automation—breaking down barriers, promoting flexibility, and leveraging AI to drive outcomes—provides organizations with the tools they need to navigate rapid technological advancements and achieve sustainable CX results. This vision is not only timely but essential for businesses aiming to drive progress while mitigating risks
in an increasingly complex and automated world.

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