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As I reflect on Zoom Perspectives 2024 (Analyst event), the thought “Working Happy at Zoom Speed,” is what immediately comes to mind.” What does that even mean? It means working in a way that’s intuitive and with the resources you need when you need them! 

During the pandemic, Zoom became the go to solution for video meetings. In fact, people quickly moved from saying “video meeting” to “Zoom.” And almost overnight it was inconceivable to host a video meeting on any platform other than Zoom; families were hosting everything from check-in calls to baby showers, teachers and students having their classes, and even courthouses were conducting court sessions, all via Zoom! Indeed, Zoom quickly became more than just a “product,” but a “connector of people!” 

However, Zoom wasn’t done by being just that. Eric (CEO) had his sights set on the future; the future of how people would connect in a way that was fluid from workplace to everyday interactions. Not only that, but the Zoom team moved at Zoom speed to execute.  

So, what has Zoom been executing lately? I’m glad you asked. 

As That WFM Girl and Thee Contact Center Whisperer, here are just a few things that stands out to me on how Zoom is connecting people in a way that’s intuitive from workplace to everyday interactions: 

          Product Vision presented by Smita Hashim, Zoom Chief Product Officer 

Product Vision: “All in with AI” 

Because Zoom does Video so well, often times people get stuck in “Zoom Meeting” land. However, during the perspective it covered just how extensive the Zoom platform truly is. Zoom’s platform strategy has two main components: Zoom Workplace and Business Services. These outcomes are supported through a feature rich ecosystem supporting everything from Zoom Phone, Zoom Contact Center, Workvivo, Zoom Revenue Accelerator, Workvivo, etc. just to name a few of my favorites. 

AI Strategy: Amplify, Simplify, Delegate 

Here at Solid Rock Consulting, 1 out of every 3 conversations that we had are with leaders who are being asked to bring AI into their business while simultaneously protecting the business from AI. Because AI can be such an overwhelming conversation, for easy digestion and maximum transformation, we break the AI conversation into three parts for our customers to get tangible results. Our three-part methodology is centered around how AI should aid your workforce to Alleviate, Assist, and Automate. It’s a process that WORKS! This is what I love about how Zoom is tackling the AI realization challenge. Zoom has a similar approach:  
Amplify, Simplify, and Delegate.  

Also, Zoom isn’t doing AI for AI’s sake. In fact, Eric fundamentally believes that AI is so much a part of the future that AI companion is offered for FREE with every Zoom License. This approach I believe is CORE to how we should be enabling everyday individuals to engage with AI in their daily lives; very similar to what occurred with the Zoom Meeting phenomenon.  

                                                                                                    AI Strategy & Executive Q&A; Pictured from Left to Right:  
                                                                                      Brendan Ittelson, Mu Han, Abhisht A, Graeme, Smita, Kelly, Mark Akwano 

Employee Experience  

I catch a lot of flak for saying “Without an EX (Employee Experience) strategy your CX (Customer Experience) strategy is trash,” and that’s primarily because most organizations associate EX with Employee Happiness and as a result thinks lame pizza parties are the solution; that’s a lesson for another article. Last year Zoom purchased a company called Workvivo.  
Fast forward to this year’s perspective, Meta is retiring “Workplace by Meta” (employee communication tool) and naming Workvivo by Zoom its ONLY sole migration partner!  

Why is that you might ask? Well to discover the answer you really have to peer beneath the surface to understand what Workvivo helps organizations to accomplish. Which is true Employee Experience. Workvivo is much more than an employee communication tool.  

                           Gavin Wrenn, Workvivo COO

When we consult organizations on improving their Employee Experience for easy digestion, we break EX into 3 parts: Equipping, Empowering, and Engaging.  

Equipping is about skilling your employees. With Workvivo “spaces”, organizations can quickly and easily create whole knowledge repositories if they like. Potentially completely replacing things like share points.  

Empowering focuses on removing bottlenecks to processes by giving employees the authority to use their skills.  

And lastly, Engaging is about communication goals, articulating measurements for success and creating a sense of community. 

                         Andrea Graham, Workvivo Head of Product

At minimum, two of these three pillars (Equipping and Engaging) Workvivo by Zoom platform easily addresses already and with Zoom’s AI focus and speed to execution, I’m sure it won’t be long before Workvivo will be rolling out features that support all three business objectives in the long run. 

Overall, Zoom’s leadership team presented a cohesive message for where Zoom has been and where it’s headed.

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