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Authored by: Juanita Coley

Guest Interview: Adrien Seldon
What is FCR?

FCR is an acronym for First Contact Resolution, a metric that businesses use to assess the rate at which customer inquiries (calls, email, chats, etc.) are successfully resolved
on the first attempt without requiring additional follow ups.

To keep this simple, FCR is essentially a crucial quality metric that determines the efficiency and effectiveness of a business’s overall customer service. This metric holds
paramount importance in the call center industry, as it directly correlates with customer satisfaction and operational efficiency. However, its impact extends far beyond,
influencing the customer experience, employee satisfaction, and the bottom line of the business.

Now, let’s explore a few reasons why YOU should care about FCR:
  • Customer Experience (CX)
    Let’s face it; customer satisfaction is critical. When customers aren’t happy everyone, from the CEO and frontline employees to business stakeholders, feels it!
    While it’s understandable for a customer to reach out with an inquiry, it’s another issue (and it’s a bad one!) when they have to make multiple attempts to resolve issues.
    Resolving customer inquiries the first time around goes a long way in ensuring customers remain satisfied. On the other hand, when customers have to call repeatedly,
    you’ve now created an opportunity for them to become disgruntled and have a poor experience.
  • Employee Experience (EX) 
    Think about the last time you had to call somewhere for the 13th time for the SAMMEEEEEEEE issue. As soon as that employee, who is talking to you for the FIRST time, answers that phone and asks you about the matter (especially if you’ve shared the info on a previous call before), it probably takes everything in you to not bite their heads
    off (and
    that’s probably only if you work in a service based industry, LOL!). Now, think about the toll that this can take on employees and their experience and engagement
    levels at work.

          More often than not, the reason FCR needs to be tracked in the first place is because employees aren’t EQUIPPED & EMPOWERED to know, do and make decisions.
          At one point, employees were just note takers, passing on the message to the person who knew what to do, and could do and make decisions. However, with the
          advancements in technology this shouldn’t be the case anymore. Ensuring that employees are actually equipped and empowered to help customers on the first
          interaction can significantly impact not only the customer experience, but the way employees connect with their work as well.

  • Business Botton Line
    Last but certainly not the least, you should care about FCR because every time that customer calls or reaches out, it takes ANOTHER resource to serve them which
    is costing the BUSINESS money! It is crucial to solve the issue the first time, if at all possible. 
Now, How Can You Improve Your FCR? 

Here are some savvy strategies that can seriously level up your game: 

1. Agent Training and Empowerment
Okay, picture this: agents with superhero problem-solving skills. How? Invest in top-notch training programs. Make sure your agents are the Sherlock Holmes of customer inquiries. And hey, give them the authority to make decisions! Let them be the issue-resolving heroes your customers deserve.

2. Utilize Technology

Now, let’s talk about tech. (Yep, you hermits! I am talking to you, LOL!) We’re not saying bring in the robots, but how about some cool intelligent routing systems and
knowledge bases? Agents armed with real-time info is like having a digital sidekick, which means less hassle for customers seeking help and more high-fives for your team.

3. Customer Feedback Analysis
Customer feedback is like the treasure map to improvement, so make sure that you regularly check in and dig through it. Identify those pesky recurring issues, and voila!
Now you’re equipped to implement targeted solutions.

4. Set Realistic Expectations
Let’s keep it real. Communicate clear resolution times to your customers and manage those expectations like a pro. Even if things take a little bit, honesty
is ALWAYS the best policy.
It might take a pinch of time, but transparency is the secret sauce for a positive customer experience. 

So, here’s the reality – making FCR work for your business isn’t a one-size-fits-all deal. You gotta tailor your strategies, find what clicks, and make the journey smooth for both your customers and employees. Think of it like crafting a unique path for your business and figuring out what works best for you.  

Adjusting and fine-tuning how you do FCR isn’t just a suggestion; it’s a must in today’s business world where customers rule. Consider it an investment in customer loyalty, streamlined operation, and a healthy bank balance for your business. Trends change, expectations rise, and so does your business. 

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