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November 2023

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Hey there, Solid Rockstars! 

Hey Hey Hey Guys and Welcome to SRC’s November Newsletter 

The holidays are upon us! So before we hop in I want to challenge your “servant” leadership mentality. When was the last time you showed someone compassion?

According to Merriam Webster, compassion is defined as a sympathetic consciousness of others’ distress together with a desire to alleviate it.

Many times we as leaders can get so caught up in getting the job done. So engulfed in ensuring the boxes are checked and everyone is doing what they are supposed to do that we forget that the biggest part of being a transformational leader is being a servant leader!

I challenge you this month to find a way to serve your team at a deeper level. 

Ok soapbox over… Let’s hop into the 2 selected leadership thoughts for this month. 

Congat’s Tycie Watkins of TECO Energy

Nomination Submitted: Since she worked with you all, she’s been able to schedule Training “mini bursts” through Verint, making her days much easier 😊

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A special “Thank You” to Tango for sponsoring our November Rockstar Award!


  • About The Event: Previously, contact centers handled workforce responsibilities independently. One team managed quality assurance, another conducted training, and yet another created agent schedules. Supervisors often did coaching with no input from other functional areas.

    This disconnected approach no longer works in today’s complex, omnichannel contact centers. Workforce Optimization is a wide-ranging field that now encompasses Quality Assurance and Analytics as well as Workforce and Performance Management.

    CrmXchange and our partners, the Quality Assurance and Training Connection (QATC) and the Society of Workforce Planning Professionals (SWPP) are presenting two fact-filled virtual conferences over two consecutive weeks. This provides WFO professionals the year’s most comprehensive opportunity to gain greater insights into the latest technologies, tactics and best practices.

  • My Keynote: “WFM & It’s Transformative Impact on Employee Experience”

  • Date: 11/6/23

  • Register Here: -> Keynote Link


AEP Season Wheewww….. AEP Season is already upon us! However, it’s never too late to dust off those playbooks. Playbooks are a cross functional way to communicate service level expectations, thresholds, and triggers that can be pulled to stabilize the business. Having WFM and/or Operational playbooks ensure your team knows what to do and who should be doing it.

Playbooks empower our team members to be agile and take ACTION! 

The key to a successful playbook strategy is SOCIALIZATION!!

Got Playbook development questions? Let’s chat here!

Verint’s 2023 State of Digital Customer Experience Report

Verint® surveyed hundreds of CX leaders and found that 90% are already using AI as part of their digital strategy. Are you in the 10% who aren’t? If so, you’re missing out. Even if you’re in the 90% who are using AI, we have the best practices you need to get the most out of your strategy.

Grab the report here ->

Discover Software Like Never Before with Demos On Demand! 

Ever wish that discovering enterprise software could be as entertaining as your favorite game show? Well, wish no more! Say hello to Demos On Demand, where software discovery gets a thrilling makeover. 

Hosted by none other than Juanita Coley, our very own CEO at Solid Rock Consulting, Demos On Demand is far more than just another YouTube show—it’s your go-to, interactive guide to the enterprise software world. Picture this: Top-notch vendors taking the stage to answer your burning questions and offer live demos, all packed into an exhilarating 30-minute episode. 

Here’s why Demos On Demand should be your go-to resource when looking for your next software solution: 

  1. Witness Live Demos: Get VIP access to live demonstrations of diverse enterprise software solutions by industry experts. Imagine a personal software expo, but without leaving your desk!
  2. Real-Time Interactivity: No need to jot down questions for later. Our platform allows you to engage directly with vendors in real-time. Get instant answers to your product queries during the show!
  3. Stay Ahead of the Curve: From timeless classics to the newest game-changers, we’ve got you covered. Never miss a beat in the rapidly evolving software industry.
  4. Edutainment at Its Best: Learning meets entertainment in our dynamic game show format. Who says software discovery can’t be fun?

Ready to turn the often daunting task of software discovery into a fun and enlightening journey? Subscribe to Demos On Demand on YouTube today and join us for our next exciting episode. Let’s turn software demos into an unforgettable experience! 

We look forward to you joining our Demos On Demand community! 

Verint Training at SRC: 
Dive into Excellence with Verint Mini’s 

Still on the fence about investing in full configuration training? 
Don’t worry, we’ve got the perfect stepping-stone for you!  

The Verint Live Training Mini Packages are designed for you!  These mini training packs offer a tantalizing taste of our full, comprehensive training program. At an incredibly accessible price, these packs are the perfect opportunity to experience the immense potential Verint systems offer to elevate your organization’s performance and customer satisfaction.  

As an official Verint Partner, we at Solid Rock Consulting focus on Solution & Discipline. We’re experts in the discipline of WFM and the training of Verint’s products. We help you adopt your Verint solution strategically so that you realize results faster.  

These exclusive Skill Boosters are offered in two convenient modules: 

4-Hour Skill Booster

$ 1,000
  • Get a flavor of our intensive training program with this condensed 4-hour module, offering key insights into vital Verint applications such as Workforce Management, Speech Analytics, Quality Management, and Desktop and Process Analytics (DPA).

8-Hour Skill Booster

$ 2,000
  • Double the insights, double the value!

    Dive deeper into the world of Verint with this extended module, covering all areas from the 4-hour pack with greater depth and detail.

Why work with us? 

  • We are a trusted Verint education partner. 
  • We train the full WFO suite of Verint products. 
  • Many of our trainers have worked directly as users of the solution giving them real-world, hands-on experience. This allows for out-of-the-box use cases for training and configuration. 
  • Many of our trainers have used other WFO solutions, making transitioning from one solution to the Verint solution a breeze.  
  • Our trainers collectively have over 50 years of training and consulting experience. 

Well, there you have it folks that’s your SRC Scoop for the month!

I’d love to hear from you. Leave me a comment below. 

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Juanita Coley

CEO, Solid Rock Consulting 

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