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Contact Center Quality Management (QM) is the systematic process used to track and analyze agent interactions (calls, emails, and chats) with customers to ensure that they are meeting expectations. On average, only three to five interactions per agent are reviewed every month and are used to get a broad sense of that agent’s performance.

From there, Contact Center management can use this data to better train their agents for adherence and accuracy. It also helps leadership make well informed decisions to create the best possible customer experience. Now, while there are other things that can affect the customer experience like poor forecasting, scheduling inefficiencies, and intraday/real-time management issues – all Workforce Management related processes – a subpar interaction with an agent can have a lasting, negative impact on a customer. In fact, the success of a Contact Center is often directly related to the quality of customer service its agents provide. If an agent gives a customer incorrect information, raises their voice or talks over the customer, then there’s a good chance your company will suffer from that customer’s experience. That’s why having QM solutions in place is important. Just like a subpar experience can tarnish an organization, a strong, helpful agent-customer interaction can strengthen a company’s brand loyalty. Here are five ways your Contact Center can benefit from Quality Management: #1 – Improve Customer Service

This is obvious given all that we just said, but it is important to reiterate that when agents get monthly assessments, they tend to do better work because they know their interactions are being monitored and scrutinized. #2 – Develop Additional Training

QM systems allows management to identify where agents are exceeding or falling short expectations. When shortcomings are identified, additional training can be created to fill in the gaps in performance. #3 – Hire Better Agents

With QM monitoring, you can identify top performing agents and use them to create a profile of the best characteristics that have been most successful at your Contact Center. You can then use this information to hire people that fit this new profile. #4 – Create a Positive Employee Experience

When you know where your employees are struggling the most, you then have the power to change it. They say that knowledge is power and when you use it to create a better employee experience, you’ll notice things will improve for the better. #5 – Happier Employees Make Happier Customers

When QM monitoring is in place, customers can know that each and every interaction may be monitored and evaluated – and for many, that’s a relief. Plus, as we talked about in #4, QM can lead to happier employees, which are more likely to strive to make the customer happy

With the tools and technologies available today, there’s no reason Contact Centers shouldn’t be using Quality Monitoring to strengthen their agents’ performance and customer experience.

Does your system need a new Quality Management system? Are your current Quality Management systems bringing you the results you feel you should be seeing? Are your agents’ performance levels where they need to be? Is your Customer Satisfaction dropping and you don’t know how to start getting them back up? CLICK HERE to schedule a short call with us to discuss how we can help with your unique QM needs.