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If you’ve been around the call center space for any length of time, Avaya is a name you’re likely very familiar with. I remember years ago while working in a call center as an RTA
(Real Time Analyst), part of my job was to update agent skills based on queue wait times. Now this may seem like a simple, straightforward task, and indeed it is – in theory.
However, when you multiply “that task” of updating a single agent skill across 500+ agents for multiple skills, you can imagine how time consuming this could be when done manually. 

One of my first “Thank God, this exist!” experiences with Avaya was CMS Terminal Emulator. With it, I was empowered to create skill scripts on timers that set and reset agent skills
at predetermined times throughout the day. Talk about time savings!!!! This was one of my first insights into AUTOMATION in real life. Yeah, AI and Automation isn’t a new concept,
but I digress! 

Needless to say, my hands-on experience with switching skills was years ago. Therefore, when Eric Rossman, Avaya’s Head of Strategic Alliances reached out and invited me to the Avaya Analyst Event, I was excited to see where they had traveled from since my days as a new RTA and where they are headed to next. 

During the analyst event, here are the two key themes that resonated with me: 

Transformations with Deep Impact in Mind

                         Alan Masarek (Avaya CEO) and Eric Yuan (Zoom CEO) 

Financial Transformation 
“When dealing with crisis, my dad always said to me: “STOP the bleeding first! That’s your priority.” Alan Masarek, Avaya’s CEO, opening address was about transformations. During Alan’s talk he walked through financial transformation, which was one of his first priorities when joining as CEO in July 2022; which is now complete. Alan reported that the cash flow has been restored and their financial position is stronger than ever. In a press release issued at the start of the Analyst Event, Avaya also reported that net logo retention among large enterprise customers is at 97% and renewal rates on base subscription contracts are ahead of plan. 

Strategic Transformation 
It’s one thing to ‘stop the bleeding,’ it’s another to curate an environment of sustainability.” This is precisely what Alan covered with his 6-box strategic plan. There was a lot of good ground covered in his 6-boxes, including the partnership news Avaya recently announced with Zoom at Enterprise Connect which brings a native integration with Zoom Workplace to Avaya Aura customers. However, what stood out to me was Avaya’s focus on TALENT DEVELOPMENT and his thoughts around becoming a DPTW
(Destination Place To Work).

And, you all already know how I feel about this, right? If not here’s the Cliff Notes version: “Build People and People Will Build the Business”. Yes, Zig Ziglar is one of my favorites! Alan’s focus on both bringing in and cultivating the BEST talent and retaining existing TOP talent is not only what Avaya will need to be legendary but what they will need to
“Roar Back”! 

Operational Transformation 
The last part of the transformation plan was Operational Transformation, which will be continual and on-going. However, as a CEO myself, I was excited to hear about this specific transformation. Alan covered his “4 block” strategy here, and the block that stood out to me was “CRO and Experience” combined design under the leadership of Chief Revenue and Customer Experience Officer Marylou “ML” Maco. This made me want to do a Pentecostal “Hallelujah” shout. (Don’t worry, I’ve contained myself!).  

It’s something to be said about an organization that not only is focusing on sales but designing a tight delivery experience. To me, this speaks to a desire to not only want
to sell experience but BE an experience.

Innovation without Disruption 

The second big theme that resonated deeply with me was the idea of “Innovation without Disruption.” Now more than ever, technology companies are touting “Disruptive Innovation” and that’s cute until your customer is emergency response or public services. Then all of a sudden, we want STABILITY. Honestly, it was refreshing to hear Alan talk about it.  
Here are just a few of the ideas covered:  

Enterprise CX Experience Outcomes 
Both Alan (CEO) and ML (CRO) talked through how their Experience outcome strategy is based on a simple yet effective framework of “know, pain, solution”
(I’m abbreviating here). The KNOW is the key to this framework that enables Avaya to deliver an experience that is not only innovative but done in a way without disruption.

What I loved about hearing about Avaya’s “Innovation without disruption” is they didn’t pretend that capabilities didn’t matter. In fact, they leaned in here and talked through
how a simplified approach to products AND a robust, strategic and collaborative partner alliance strategy is going to be key to being a leader in Enterprise CX. 

                            Marylou “ML” Maco, Avaya’s CRO and CX Officer

Deployment Model 
With SRC (Solid Rock Consulting) being a Professional Services and WFM Mgmt. Consulting company, we get to see firsthand how deployment can mean the difference between leaders who successfully reach their end goals and those who fall short in transforming their customer experiences.  

Soren Abildgaard (CTO) talked through the 1 platform for Contact Center with MULTIPLE deployment modalities based on what’s ideal for… you guessed it, the CUSTOMER! Those deployment models ranged from On-prem to Cloud and everything in between! The value this adds from a customer perspective is that deployment is no longer a stop gap or barrier to innovation. Whether you have requirements to remain on-premises or hybrid needs, this isn’t a challenge for Avaya! This allows you to keep the main thing the main; which should be DELIVERING EXCEPTIONAL EXPERIENCES! 

                         Eric Rossman (VP of Partners) leading strategic alliances panel 
                                 (with Afiniti, Journey, Cognigy, Verint and Microsoft)

In this recent Analyst Event, Avaya has revealed their commitment to transformation and innovation. Their focus on financial, strategic, and operational excellence, coupled with a dedication to talent development, sets them apart. Their emphasis on innovation without disruption and delivering exceptional customer experiences reflects their forward-thinking approach.  

As Avaya continues to evolve, their dedication to excellence and customer-centricity positions them as a leader in the call center industry. 

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