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In a groundbreaking move unveiled at Enterprise Connect 2024, Five9, renowned provider of the Intelligent CX Platform, has announced the launch of their newest offering:
GenAI Studio. This innovative solution marks a significant leap forward in the realm of contact center technology, offering unprecedented levels of customization, control,
and responsible AI integration.

Addressing the Need for Tailored AI Solutions 

Enterprises today are increasingly recognizing the potential of Generative AI to enhance both customer and employee experiences. However, traditional pre-packaged solutions often fall short, providing generic models and prompts that fail to align with the unique requirements of each organization. GenAI Studio aims to bridge this gap by empowering companies to customize off-the-shelf Generative AI models, such as those from OpenAI, with just a few clicks. 

Empowering Organizations with Customization and Control 

At the heart of GenAI Studio lies its user-friendly interface, designed to facilitate seamless customization of Generative AI prompts based on business-specific contextual data.  
This enables companies to deliver more personalized interactions, tailored to individual customer needs and organizational objectives. Moreover, GenAI Studio grants unparalleled control over data access and sharing, addressing critical concerns surrounding responsible AI deployment. 

With GenAI Studio, Five9 has solidified its position as a leader in the contact center industry with its market-ready AI solutions. 

Key Capabilities  

GenAI Studio boasts several key capabilities that promise to revolutionize the contact center landscape: 

Engine-Agnostic Layer. Offering a range of Generative AI models, GenAI Studio ensures flexibility and future-proofing for companies, allowing them to select the model that best aligns with their specific needs. 

Knowledge and Personalization with Customer Data. By integrating various forms of contextual data, Five9 enables GenAI Studio to deliver tailored responses, summaries,
and guidance to agents, enhancing overall customer satisfaction.

Testing, Monitoring, and Observability. Providing quality management for Generative AI models, GenAI Studio allows companies to measure performance, make improvements,
and ensure controlled outputs in real-time.

Prompt Library. Equipped with a repository of sample prompts, GenAI Studio accelerates prompt development processes, minimizing the need for specialized expertise in prompt engineering. 

Powering all Five9 GenAI Applications. GenAI Studio stands poised to revolutionize all AI applications within Five9, initiating with Agent Assist AI Summaries.
This transformative capability empowers customers with unprecedented control over AI Summaries’ outputs. Through
GenAI Studio, users gain the ability to inject customer sentiment, condense or elaborate on summaries based on audience preferences, and format summaries according to specific requirements. This integration ensures that
AI-powered interactions align closely with organizational goals and values, further enhancing the overall customer experience.

Looking Ahead: Embracing the Era of Customized AI Solutions 

With GenAI Studio set to be available in the second half of 2024, Five9 continues to lead the charge in transforming the contact center landscape. Jonathan Rosenberg,
Five9 CTO and Head of AI, emphasized the revolutionary potential of Generative AI in enhancing contact center operations, highlighting GenAI Studio as a pivotal step
towards realizing this vision.

Five9’s launch of GenAI Studio heralds a new era in contact center technology, offering organizations unparalleled levels of customization, control, and responsible AI integration.  
As businesses navigate an increasingly digital landscape, solutions like GenAI Studio will undoubtedly play a pivotal role in driving enhanced customer experiences
and operational efficiencies.

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