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Desktop Process Analytics (DPA) analyzes how long an agent uses each of their application resources during a call, such as their dialer application, CRM, email, internet browser activity, databases, and so on.

DPA allows leadership to identify which software is being under utilized or not being used at all. Once they have that data, the question becomes if they should eliminate the software, and the maintenance costs that go with it, or provide better training to their agents on how to efficiently and effectively use the programs at hand.

While some agents may feel DPA is intrusive or gives them the sense that their boss is watching their every keystroke, DPA isn’t meant to be used for that kind of HR-style monitoring. Again, DPA is meant to provide valuable insight into whether or not agents are using their application resources properly. In addition, Triggers can be set up in DPA to initiate recording of agents’ screens, calls, or both. For example: for compliance reasons, a company may require all calls from customers in certain states to be recorded. In these cases, a DPA Trigger can be set up to start recording when a customer from one of those states calls in. These Triggers can also be set up to record back office screen activity such as bookkeeping and payroll when those applications are opened, if oversight is desired.

You should think of DPA as an effective, efficient way to streamline your Contact Center’s tools and processes, which will allow your agents and customers to have an all-round better experience. So, if you’re serious about growing and scaling your operations, you need to provide an impressive Customer Experience every time. DPA can undoubtedly help with that.

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