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Intelisys | Women In Technology

Yesterday I had the privilege and honor of speaking to a room full of extraordinary women! I went to Frisco, TX to deliver a message of triumph, inspiration, and hope and left with sisters! A very special thank you to Kelli McMillian of Five9 & founder of Xposure Inclusion & Diversity Council and Heather Shelby […]

It’s not the “Great Resignation” rather the “Great VALUATION….

It’s not the “Great Resignation” rather the “Great VALUATION” employers should concern themselves with” Employers around the world are in dire straits trying to solve for what has been called the “Great Resignation” when what we really should be looking to solve for is the “Great Valuation” (yes, I made that up…. It’s what I […]

Systems, Engineering and Missiles Oh My! With Samantha Lickteig

Juanita Coley: Hey, guys, and welcome to Call Center Chronicles. It is Juanita Coley here, again the founder of Solid Rock Consulting in show guests. So, I’m super excited to have you all with me today. We’ve been having some great guests come on the show after show. Today is no different. We got to […]

I Can’t Code But I Love Tech…Now What? – With Hosanna Hali

Juanita Coley: Hey guys. Welcome to call center Chronicles. We are on episode 6. We’ve been having some episodes and I’m super excited for our guests that we have today. Last week we talked through just some amazing things as we talked with Genefa talking through the new call center and the technology and by […]

It Was All A Dream…With Donald Spann

Juanita Coley: Thank you so much for joining us here at Call Center Chronicles. I’m super excited about today’s guest, my mind is just super blown by all of the things that he’s been able to accomplish. Last week we talked to Hosanna Hali. She works at Microsoft, she does a lot of different things […]

Call Center Unicorns

Juanita Coley: Thank you so much Ebony for being with me today. Tell us a little bit more about yourself. Introduce yourself. Tell us more about you. Ebony Langston: Thank you for having me. I was backstage jam into the intro. So, I’m super excited to be here Juanita, so I am Ebony Langston, and […]

Does Poor Leadership Impact The Customer Experience? With Cameron Farrar

Juanita Coley: Hey, guys, and welcome back to Call Center Chronicles. I’m super excited to have you with us here today. Man, we’ve been having such an excellent conversation. Would you guys agree if you’re joining in with us alive today, so we’re streaming on Facebook, we’re streaming on YouTube, LinkedIn, so follow us? Okay, […]

The post pandemic ‘new normal’ in the contact center industry.

Juanita Coley: So, Joel, thank you so much for joining us here today. Tell us a little bit more about yourself. And what did you think about history lesson? Joel Richardson: Yes, let’s go to the history lesson first. The moral of that story from what I’m taking from you Juanita with the patents where […]

Up Up and Away – The Five9 Way

Juanita Coley: Hey! We are in episode five, that is right. We’re in episode five and today we are talking through more of technology and how it’s shaping the call center world and so I’m super excited. We have Genefa Murphy with us, the CMO of Five9. Okay. I’m kind of fan Girling a little […]

Managing The Human Resources In The Pandemic

Juanita Coley: I can hear you better now. Yes. Orlando Haynes: Thank you so much for the opportunity. I feel fantabulous as well, if I can steal that from you. So, you trade market, I’ll give you the credit. So yes, so as you said, Orlando Haynes on the Talent Acquisition Manager for one of […]

Maybe It IS Rocket Science

Dr. Tara Ruttley: I’ve loved space since probably I was in 3rd grade. I remember there were lots of spacewalks that I used to watch on TV. And the astronauts and their big white spacesuits and the big American flag on the side. Just made it look like something I wanted to be a part […]