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Let Automated Quality Monitoring (AQM) make the decision easy.

Automated Quality Monitoring (AQM) is fairly new technology that is a combination of Speech Analytics and Quality Management, both of which we’ve covered in previous blog posts. Speech Analytics (Speech) is something every Contact Center could benefit from. However, it does have limitations and that’s why pairing it with Quality Management (QM) is key to getting the best out of both services. For instance, Speech is great at picking out particular words or phrases and discerning when someone is speaking over someone else. Speech is not great at picking up nuances or comprehending a conversation that doesn’t hit on exact keywords.

With that in mind, Speech will not catch every problem. That’s why it’s important to have some level of Quality Management – another human monitoring and analyzing agents’ calls – in the mix, too. And it’s also where AQM comes in – a marrying of Speech Analytics and QM. With AQM, it uses speech recognition software to analyze agent-customer interactions and then flags any that need to be reviewed by Quality Management, which saves tons of time and resources and effectively pulls out calls that need immediate review. Since this is an automated process, hundreds or even thousands of calls can be evaluated per month for an individual agent. Thus, providing a much more accurate representation of the agent’s performance than the 3-5 calls per agent per month a QM specialist can analyze. Here are three other reasons you should invest in AQM: Reason #1 – More is data better than less data Easily the biggest benefit AQM brings to the table is the monumentally greater auditing sample size compared to traditional QM auditing methods.

It should go without saying that you get a better picture of your agent’s average performance when you can audit more of their calls. A great agent could have a bad call or 2 that just so happened to get picked for auditing by the QM team. Conversely, a subpar agent who really needs attention might have one of their handful of good calls selected for audits. With AQM and the larger sample set it brings you, your QM team is more likely to discover those agents who truly need coaching and not waste resources on those who are already top performers. Reason #2 – AQM Is a Cost-Effective Solution AQM is cost-effective when compared to other solutions and it allows your QM team to perform in a more productive and efficient manner. By no means is AQM meant to completely replace existing QM staff and processes, but rather augment them for greater insight, while also potentially saving your Contact Center significant expense and giving you much better results.
To determine the real value of an AQM solution, you should look at how long and how much it costs your existing QM team to comb through and analyze 100 hours of calls. Now compare that cost on an annual basis to the cost and speed of an AQM system which can audit substantially more in a small fraction of the time. As you can tell, the time saved can be immense. This significantly frees up QM teams to focus on actionable items and provide coaching and training to enhance the performance. Reason #3 – AQM Can Enhance the Customer Experience
With the demand by customers for better and smoother customer service experiences, AQM allows your QM team to get more done. By providing your QM team more time to focus on auditing technical and soft skills, you can better address issues that customers find to be the most frustrating. While we love when our agents stay on script, customers are more impacted by empathy (or lack thereof) and hard technical knowledge to give them first call resolution. Now, it is important to remember that your QM team will still need to analyze the data provided by AQM and audit for other non-script adherence KPIs.

Are you worried that you aren’t catching the worst interactions in your QM process? Does your QM team struggle to hit their monthly auditing quota? Would you like for your QM team to be able to spend more time focused on coaching? CLICK HERE to schedule a short call with us to discuss how we can help bring AQM systems to your contact center teams.